Woman slammed for ‘shaming’ granddaughters after selling wedding dress in wild post

CHOOSING your wedding dress is the most important fashion decision you can make.

But when the day is done, your beloved dress is pretty much destined to spend the next few decades stuffed in the back of the wardrobe gathering dust.


The woman married in 1994Credit: Reddit
She said she hoped her sons would marry women who could fit into the dress


She said she hoped her sons would marry women who could fit into the dressCredit: Reddit

So naturally, most brides cling to their dresses in hopes that a future family member would like to wear it on their own special day.

Or at least that’s what this woman hoped would happen with her silk wedding dress she wore in 1994.

Earlier this year, the now-grandmother put her dress on sale for $800 [£625] on Facebook and moaned that the next generation of women in his family were too fat for that.

Sharing pics of her wearing size two [UK Size 6] on her special day, the woman wrote: ‘Has been professionally packed to keep it looking like new.’

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When asked why she didn’t keep it a bit longer, the woman continued: “If I had daughters I would, but even my daughters-in-law were too big.

“Even my granddaughters will be taller and won’t fit in the dress. I always hoped one of them would be able to, that’s why I kept it all these years.

“That’s also why I paid for it to be professionally packed and stored. Unfortunately, my boys married taller girls and my granddaughters will be taller than me as well.”

And if that wasn’t awkward enough, the woman admitted she had hoped her sons would “marry someone small enough to carry him”.

Raving about the “beautiful” dress, she added, “The way it flows while walking is breathtaking.”

When planning her wedding in the early 90s, the woman said it was the “high-end” dress from the famous American chain David’s Bridal.

She added: “I’ll probably end up sending it to a bridal consignment shop.

“They offered me more than I asked for, I just think these places are so cold and they’ll sell it for more than I asked for.”

Needless to say, the post rubbed some users the wrong way and it wasn’t long before it ended up being posted on Reddit’s Wedding Shaming forum.

“Shame the women of two generations in your family, nice,” one replied. “Grandmother of the Year.”

Another joked: “I’m not saying I would deliberately gain 10kg to not have to wear this dress.

“But I am not do not say so either.”

Meanwhile, a third savagely wrote: ‘No one of any size – small, medium, tall, taller or taller – would want to wear this white polyester abomination today.’

She hopes to get £625 for the dress


She hopes to get £625 for the dressCredit: Reddit

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