Special Waffle House-themed Adidas shoes sell out on day one

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (WIAT) — Less than a day after its release, a special golf shoe that was part of a collaboration between Adidas and Waffle House has already sold out.

On Thursday, Adidas released the TOUR360 22 x Waffle maker, a limited-edition shoe that bears the logo of the famous Southern restaurant chain. On Friday, the shoe was sold out and the men’s shoe was selling for $210 and the women’s shoe at the price of $200.

The shoe was released on day one of the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Waffle House started in Avondale Estates, Georgia in 1955 and now has franchises in 25 states.

“We love this time of year because more than anything else, it’s an unofficial start to the golf season for everyone,” Masun Denison, global footwear director, Adidas Golf, said in a statement. advertising the shoe. “Waffle House is such a well-known restaurant in Georgia and across the United States that we knew it would be fun to partner with their team on a design that brings a piece of the famous restaurant to everyone, all in our silhouette. Lighthouse.”

The shoe came in a “dough-like” off-white color with waffle-themed stripes. The Waffle House logo was located on the ankle.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better marriage between our signature waffles, the Adidas TOUR360 22 golf shoe, and our signature restaurants,” said Walt Ehmer, president and CEO of Waffle House. “Who knew our famous Sweet Cream Waffles could also be so fun to wear?”

It is unclear whether or not Adidas will continue the shoe due to high demand.

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