River Island shoppers are obsessed with one of the brand’s new handbags after spotting it online.

The street retailer regularly keeps fans up to date with new fashion releases by posting new and upcoming products on social media.

River Island has a legion of loyal Instagram followers, with 2.4 million buyers all following the brand.

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Followers respond quickly to posts in the store and regularly fill out the comments section with their thoughts.

Most recently, River Island posted a snapshot of its short story Red faux leather quilted crossbody bag and it has proven to be popular among online shoppers.

The post racked up over 1,000 likes and many subscribers shared their thoughts in the comments section.

One buyer wrote: “Love it”.

A second commented: “How nice is this bag? I want !

A third follower added: “WATCH THIS”.

A fourth said: “Omg I need this bag”.

A fifth buyer commented, “Oh, it’s beautiful”, as another agreed, writing, “It’s beautiful”.

River island Red faux leather quilted crossbody bag is priced at £ 28 and is available to buy online here.

Find your nearest River Island store here.

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