Private capital up to € 300,000 to be repaid in 15 years is a private equity financial company that specializes in offering home equity loans. They have been operating in Europe for more than 10 years, and for some years also in Spain where they have become a reference.

In Swiss Invest they offer a quality, transparent and secure financial service.

Why choose Switzerland Invest?

Why choose Switzerland Invest?

In Switzerland Invest they are experts in loans with mortgage guarantee. They offer Abel Magwitch solutions for individuals, freelancers and companies. From € 5,000 to € 300,000 and with your property as collateral. Apply online and receive a response within 24 hours.


  • Mortgage loan up to € 300,000 to be repaid in 15 years
  • RAI and ASNEF loans
  • 24 hour response, no paperwork, no endorsement, no income justification
  • Deficiency period of up to 24 months


  • Interest higher than traditional loans (in this case from 8.95%)
  • The risk of losing your property in case of default
  • Commissions and extra management expenses (notary, appraisal …)

What services does Switzerland Invest offer?

Switzerland Invest, as we said, offers solutions for individuals, freelancers and companies. You can apply for mortgage loans, loans with RAI or ASNEF, loans to reform a house, reunification of debts and acceptance of inheritances.

You can also apply for a loan to pay liens or a loan to start a business or for your small or medium business. All this with the commitment of a professional and trustworthy financier, with guarantees and with personalized advice.

Mortgage loan

Mortgage loan

In Switzerland Invest they offer mortgage loans for any purpose, and they will not ask you for justification of income. To apply for a loan you will not need a fixed job or have a guarantor, you only need to have a property to use as a loan guarantee.

On the other hand, it will not matter if you are included in a list of debtors, type RAI or ASNEF.

In Switzerland Invest are specialists in loans with mortgage guarantee, and you can request from an amount of € 5,000 to a maximum of € 300,000 to return within a maximum period of 15 years, and without or with a deficiency of up to 24 months.

Loan with RAI or ASNEF

As we said, being registered in a file of defaulters is not a problem for Switzerland Invest. Normally this can be an impediment to access financing of any kind, but this financial offers you the opportunity to get up to date with your debts.

Thanks to the loans with mortgage guarantee and a property with a guarantee you can leave these files of defaulters and other attachments. As we said, you will not need to justify income, just having a property to guarantee the repayment of the loan.

Loan to reform a house

In Switzerland Invest will also help you if you want to make a reform or revalue your property. Do not worry if your bank rejected your loan application, this bank offers you up to € 300,000. Your professionals will study your case and will give you an answer in 24 hours.

Debt reunification


Apply now for a loan and reunify all your debts. You can use the Swiss Invest calculator to calculate how much you owe in total and what fee you want to pay each month.

Acceptance of inheritances

If you have accepted an inheritance and you have to pay the corresponding taxes in Switzerland Invest you will advance the capital you need through your mortgage loans. You just have to request it, and they will study your case.

What requirements are needed?

To apply for a mortgage loan you will need a property as collateral, which is free of charges or has little outstanding capital. To request it you will need:

  • Identity document (also serves the passport or residence card)
  • Property information
  • Home appraisal (If your home is not appraised it does not matter, they take care)
  • Proof of payment capacity (Payroll, business plan, employment contract …)

If you have any doubts, you only have to ask the Crédits Managers team, you can consult them without obligation and they will attend you with total professionalism.

Switzerland Invest will grant you a loan of up to 40% of the value of the property.

What advantages do mortgage loans offer?

If you need a loan from € 5,000 to € 300,000, do not hesitate and contact Switzerland Invest to send your loan application. The mortgage loans of this financial offer multiple advantages, which we will see below:

  • Without changing bank . To apply for a mortgage loan you will not have to change banks, since you can request it, whatever your bank is. You simply need to have an account in sight to be paid the loan and from which you will be charged monthly fees.
  • Without almost bureaucracy . The bureaucracy is very slow, we know, and that is why in Switzerland Invest minimizes the paperwork to apply for a loan. You only need to have a valid DNI, a report with the appraisal of the property and the registration check.
  • Speed In 24 hours the Swiss Invest team will study your case and give you an answer
  • Free study In addition, the study is free and without commitment
  • Accepts RAI and / or ASNEF . By offering your property as collateral for the loan to Switzerland Invest, you will not mind if they are in file of defaulters. In addition, your mortgage loans are sure to help you catch up and fix it.

Ask for free advice and no obligation!

If you are interested in the Switzerland Invest mortgage loans, we invite you to request free and no-obligation advice today.

To do this you must complete a form with the following information: amount of the loan (must be a minimum of € 1,000), your name and surname, email address and a contact number.

In Switzerland Invest they offer loans with mortgage guarantee so to finalize the application you will have to introduce the property to mortgage, specifying the type of property, the population where it is and the postal code of the locality.


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