OPINION: Halloween is more important than fashion week

I had my Halloween costume chosen since August 23rd. I scoured the corners of the internet to find the exact shirt and the perfect shoes for my costume. In a sense, I will be walking a track on October 31.

I didn’t even remember New York Fashion Week arrived this year. It’s supposed to be the biggest fashion event of the year with exclusive and important designs from world famous fashion houses. For something that’s supposed to showcase a cultural moment, that’s not very accessible. Halloween, on the other hand, is.

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Halloween is a centuries-old tradition originating from the Celtic tradition of Her hand, a day when the barrier between the living and the dead weakens and fades. Costumes were even worn at the time in order to protect the living from possession by dead spirits. In modern times, suits have become a fashion statement, costume contest from the 1930s to At Bette Midler’s annual Halloween party.

The traditions of runway fashion and Halloween fashion are one and the same. A designer comes up with a creative outfit and fits it to a model, then they present that art to the world in a room full of well-dressed tastemakers judging the execution of the concept. Halloween takes this idea and makes it available to all types of people at every stage of their lives. It has become vital to express oneself fully one evening a year.

Famous models are often the biggest fans this holiday season – watch The dedication of Heidi Klum extravagant costumes or those of Emily Ratajkowski perfect execution by Marge Simpson. Obviously, these people have insane amounts of money to spend on intricate costumes, but that stems from a love of dressing up. Halloween is the party of fashion. This is the only opportunity to show your creativity and niche interests.

There are even entire designer collections dedicated to Halloween love. Just look at Moschino Resort collection from 2020, The blondes Disney Villains Showse or Martine Sitbon’s Spring-Summer 1993 collection with Kate Moss as a sexy witch. These shows are just the tip of the iceberg. Love of Halloween goes hand in hand with love of fashion, just like most fashionistas have their mouths full of foam thinking about Halloween.

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It’s hard to follow fashion week without a subscription to Vogue Runway or Elle or one of the countless other fashion magazines. Halloween trends, however, are much easier to find. YouTubers thrive on Halloween costume content, predict trends of the year, and offer tips for unique costumes. Track knowledge pays off, while there are unlimited free videos and articles highlighting the importance of Halloween.

I have never been so excited for Halloween in my life. My costumes may be a little uninspired, but I know they will turn heads. Fashion fuels my love for Halloween. I make sure my outfit has enough pockets for candy.

Char Jones (they/she) is a second year student studying English and Journalism.

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