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MSCHF continues its disruptive character with the launch of a new category: handbags.

The streetwear brand and art collective will release its first handbag on Tuesday, dubbed “Made in Italy”. The handbag, in black and brown leather, is meant to poke fun at the global supply chain, according to MSCHF creative directors Kevin Wiesner and Lukas Bentel, who instead of making the bag in Italy, are turned to the small town of Italy, Texas, for the product.

“It was originally conceived as a concept where we wanted to create an object that kind of played on this ‘made in X’ idea of ​​place,” Bentel said. “There are so many people saying ‘made in America, made in Italy, made in China.’ It’s very difficult to make something entirely in one specific region or area.The bag was assembled entirely in Italy, Texas, but there are parts that come from all over the place just because of manufacturing constraints.So it’s is just toying with the idea of ​​this label and trying to flip it as much as possible.

The handbag, which sells for $550, is engraved with the words “MSCHF” and “Italy” on the sides and “Texas” on the bottom.

The MSCHF Made in Italy handbag.

The creatives also explained that the handbag is meant to be a commentary on perceptions surrounding certain regions and how they are made.

“These days if there’s something that’s made in Japan, I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s great,’ but there was a time when it had a connotation of low quality and ‘made in China. “had a substandard connotation,” Wiesner said. “I think as soon as you get into what it takes to make a product, you start to realize that ‘made in China’ – because that’s where everything is made – is the primary manufacturing destination. This is where all the expertise lives.

Although this is MSCHF’s first handbag, the product is in line with the brand’s other kitschy offerings. The company has launched several humorous launches this year, including a collaboration with Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty to create a collection of “Ketchup or makeup” lip glosses and a collection of empty designer shopping bags called “OnlyBags.”

The disruptive nature of MSCHF had no consequences. Over the past two years, MSCHF has been sued by Vans and Nike for copyright infringement for repurposing both brands’ sneaker styles. The brand also faced controversy last year for its “Satan Shoe,” a Nike Air Max 97 style that was tweaked in collaboration with Lil Nas X, using biblical imagery and featuring a drop of human blood. .

The “Made in Italy” handbag will be available on the MSCHF website and app. A small amount will also be available for purchase at Brooklyn’s Lucali restaurant, which will list the handbag as a menu offering.

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