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I admit that I have a shoe hoarding problem. OK, I have a big shoe storage problem. And my partner too. And, since the weather is really changeable right now, there’s always a bunch of sandals, shoes, and boots strewn around my driveway floor to trip over or navigate. There’s a similar problem in my bedroom closet, with finding a matching pair being the biggest problem. It was driving me crazy, so I started looking for smart solutions.

And I found three that are great for organizing shoes. The first solution, of course, was decluttering. I said goodbye to all the shoes in the back of the closet that I will never wear again; those in good condition were given away, those beyond repair (why am I keeping them?) went in the trash.

With that done, I was able to indulge in two new shoe storage ideas (yes, I turned to TikTok and the internet for inspiration) to help me achieve my goals: keeping the entryway and bedroom clean , to help me find the exact pair I want when I want them, and keep them clean, effortlessly.

1. Declutter like a mother

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Yes, I took a cue from my mom’s easy 4-step decluttering technique for clothes hoarders (culprits) and divided my shoes into seasons. Remembering her advice for my wardrobe to divide my pieces into spring/summer and fall/winter has allowed me to better take stock of my shoe collection. I found that I had some incredibly similar and therefore almost useless pairs to keep.

If I couldn’t think of at least one or two outfits that a pair of shoes would go perfectly with, they were given. Similarly, when it came to pairs that looked alike, I removed the most uncomfortable pair or the pair that I reached the least. The more generally uncomfortable shoes were also put aside for me to decide if I could wear them or if they too should go away. After all, why keep a pair of shoes you’ll never wear?

Then I set up two separate spaces in my house to store my shoes, moving my current season shoes to my shoe storage space in the hallway, the rest as part of my closet organization ideas.

2. Put everyday shoes in the entry baskets for convenience

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Arranging an entry can be tricky, especially if you have a small one like me. So, I only keep the shoes of the current season. I use baskets (one for me, one for my partner) in the coat closet to hide my shoes instead of displaying them. No matter how good your entryway storage ideas are, no one wants to stare at shoes, especially in small spaces where hiding visual clutter is vital.

Using the best storage baskets helps keep my space streamlined while being so. Baskets like these Popular wicker storage baskets on Amazon (opens in a new tab) keep my shoes out of my way, but also make them easy to grab when I walk out the door.

Plus, the relaxed nature of the baskets means I can quickly put shoes in at the end of a long day or take them out without having to line them up with other shoes or open and close boxes to find the right pair. And I can trust my partner to handle that too. This means we’re both more likely to put them away rather than leaving them next to the basket for them to trip over.

The rest of the everyday shoes I used to keep there? They are put away until the good season returns.

3. Stay away from off-season and tricky shows

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In the closet in my bedroom, I make room to store off-season shoes. Investing in the best closet organizers has helped me define my closet space and allowed me to see what I have there at a glance.

I start by placing shoes that can be worn infrequently, whatever the season, like my heels or my more sophisticated boots, in the easiest place to reach so that I gravitate towards them when needed – and all my shoes are worn out at some point.

Out-of-season or delicate shoes that I barely wear are placed in clear storage boxes in the back of the closet to be protected and kept out of the way. I bought these clear stackable storage boxes from Amazon (opens in a new tab), exactly like the ones above, and they are ideal. Because I can see the shoes through the boxes, I’m much more likely to wear them, or at least not forget about them. A friend has some opaque boxes with a picture of the shoes inside on the fronts.

Each season, as I swap out my shoes for months to come, I will have another cleaning.

That works!

Where to store shoes in the house?

The best place to store shoes in the house is near the entrance if they are everyday shoes, in a dressing room, if you have one, if they are work shoes. muddy outdoors, or in a bedroom, or if you’re lucky enough to have one, in a walk-in closet or walk-in closet if they’re out of season, little worn, or valuable.

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