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“I knew I had to follow through on my vision and bring it to life and bring it to life and it definitely came to life because the bag is right there,” Travis Terry said.

It was the photo shoot that came full circle for 23-year-old designer and Hartford native Terry.

“So when the video hit social media, it went viral,” Terry said.

This video was a promotional shoot for Terry’s fashion brand, IEMBE. It included a model, her signature handbag, the artwork, all shot during business hours at the Wadsworth Athenaeum.

“Then I looked and I was like ‘wow this is fantastic, this is a really beautiful design’ and then I found out about the story,” said Matthew Hargraves, acting chief curator of the Wadsworth Athenaeum. .

The story tells of a successful North End man in the fashion world just a few years out of college, with big names like Cardi B, Fabolous and Missy Elliot to back him up.

“They go online and well, they’re five minutes long because once they’re online, they completely sell out,” Terry said.

Matthew Hargraves said he knew Terry’s creativity needed to be on display in Connecticut.

“We can’t really put Travis in a deal, so we reached out to him and said, ‘We can’t put you in the deal, maybe we could borrow one of your amazing bags'” , Hargraves said.

Until July, Terry’s Tiffany blue handbag is history in her hometown museum, reminding all who see it that their dreams are within reach.

“Just know that anything is possible, you can do anything you want and it’s out there, so go out there and chase it, pick it up and grab it,” Terry said.

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