Dolce & Gabbana designs for Crystal Charity Ball 2022 fashion shows served as food to talk

The last time there was so much enthusiasm for a fashion event, it was for the late Karl Lagerfeldit is 2013 “Chanel Métiers d’Art” at Fair Park, which had the dress set licking their luscious full lips on an extravaganza that included Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Talleyactress Lily Collins riding a mechanical bull and on-board models and notables like Hamish Bowles doing their best in line dancing.

Lily Collins (file photo)
Leon Andre Talley, Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld (file photo)

Flash-forward nine years, and there was a fashionable zeal of joy when 2022 Crystal Charity Ball Chair Susan Farris and President of the 2022 CCB Fashion Show Jennifer Dix announced last April that Dolce & Gabbana would be the featured designer for this year’s fashion show at Neiman Marcus NorthPark on Thursday, September 8. It had been a three-year undertaking, as the original 2020 plan featuring D&G had to be erased due to the pandemic.

But like in all relationships, there were some fine points to sort out. Instead of a morning event and then a tea presentation later in the day to welcome the crowds, D&G regretted that even a high tea was definitely not their cup of tea. Guests who had signed up for tea were told it would be an “aperitif” instead.

Left to right: (seated) Karla McKinley, Marybeth Conlon, Gene Jones, Pat McEvoy and Monica Eastin; (standing) Anne McPherson, Kim Quinn, Kim Hext, Tiffany Divis, Amy Prestidge, Meredith Land and Libby Hegi

As bookings kept pouring in, organizers juggled traditional CCB presentations with the D&G way of doing things. There would be no need for escorts to accompany the ten best dressed (Mariebeth Conlon, Tiffany Divis, Monica Eastin, Libby Hegi, Kim Hext, Meredith Land, Karla McKinley, Anne McPherson, Amy Prestidge and Kim Quinn), Hall of fame Pat McEvoy or honorary president Gene Jones on the track.

Like shrewd diplomats trying to achieve peace between Ukraine and Russia, Susan and Jennifer kept their cool as they navigated the minefields of the D&G pop-up “”suggestions »” Over the month. One observer wondered aloud: “Are they not [Dolce & Gabbana] realize that the event raises funds for children? »

For some, the ever-changing recommendations were reminiscent of the Van Halen rider demanding a bowl of M&M candy in their locker room — with all the browns pulled out.

Finally, as the Italians closed for their annual vacation month of August, things seemed to be calming down. Gene would be allowed to be escorted by her husband, Jerry Jones Sr.and son Jerry Jones Jr. The ten BD-ers and Pat would be featured unescorted – and only their names would be read, unlike years past when the 10 BD-ers would be announced with a description of their community activities and charitable contributions. D&G had this item taped.

The day before the event, the D&G team dined at Carbon Dallas until the wee hours of the morning.

As the big day dawned, NM NP’s third floor design department was buzzing with activity. Overnight, it had been transformed from a designer clothing showroom into a stylish pop-up runway surrounded by rows of tables that stretched the length of the slightly elevated catwalk. Above, there was enough lighting to test the durability of the Texas grid.

While an array of floral artisans laid out beautiful centerpieces for tables, a legion of waiters rehearsed how to serve meals. Like a Broadway production, the waiters rehearsed with the dexterity of seasoned performers.

Wall of Dolce & Gabbana plates
Stefanie Tsen Ward and Charmaine Tang
Priscilla Garcia, Daz Mccoll and Erin Mathews

Outside the showroom doors, a floor-to-ceiling wall had been erected to showcase D&G’s new range of tableware. It would be a favorite backdrop for selfies. On the other side of the escalator, another wall with D&G emblazoned along the way had been installed hiding the gallery of gifts.

Before the 10 BD-ers and Pat arrived for their presentation, the models underwent a dress rehearsal. As the D&G and NM teams smiled in approval, passers-by watched in amazement.

Backstage, the ladies-in-waiting were in their various stages of preparation, with clothes steamed to perfection and hair and makeup polished.

However, even the 10 BD-er vets weren’t too keen on hiking the slightly elevated track unescorted. It was understandable. Most of these women had never walked on a podium, let alone under blinding lights and surrounded by hundreds of guests.

But Pat, who had walked the track three times in years past with an escort, took a position she needed an arm to lean on. A last minute concession was made and a male model was bumped into.

Nancy C. Rogers and Sabrina Harrison
Champagne shelves
Libby Hegi, Gui Siqueira, Nancy C. Rogers and Kim Quinn

As guests began arriving for the pre-show reception, Ten BD-ers plus Pat, Jennifer and Susan donned custom black dresses provided by the philanthropist Nancy C. Rogers and headed down the back hallways to the Zodiac Room, which had been transformed into a glamorous lounge with sofas, D&G-style mannequins, shelves of champagne, paintings growing live flowers and a DJ for the private reception from Nancy. He honored the ladies of the day, as well as luminaries like the new president of the NM ryan ross and Managing Director/VP Market Mary McGreevy JenningsNancy’s friends Kathleen Hutchison and Sabrina Harrisson and President and CEO of D&G North America Dan RothmanBrand Ambassador Gui Siqueira and specialist in customer relationship management/public relations Sam Horowitzthe local guy who rose to fame for his 2012 viral bar mitzvah, which landed him appearances on “Ellen” and “Good Morning America.”

Dan Rothman and Ryan Ross
Mary McGreevy Jennings
Gracie Hunt and Tavia Hunt
Michaela Dyer, Layne Pitzer and Joan Eleazer
Erica Robins and Carol Aaron
Kelly Ford
Annette Simmons
Lana Andrews and Nancy Dedman

The receptions themselves became a demonstration of D&G. A very established fashionista decided to wear a pink D&G dress she bought three years ago in Aspen. She wondered wistfully if there would be more floral designs on the runway for her wardrobe.

Another wore a recently purchased Majolica print she had picked up in Florida, only to find D&G blue and white was the color of the day.

As general and private receptions began, the showroom was in the final stages of preparation, with personalized menus serving as place cards orchestrated by the CCB 2022 Registration Chair Lisa Rocchio. Little did Lisa know that despite assigned seating until aT, some guests who broke the rules were playing the “change the cards” game at their whim.

Table settings
Personalized menu

An age-old rule of thumb in producing such an event is to start cooling the room the night before. However, despite the room being filled to capacity for both sessions, the decision was made not to turn on the air conditioning until 90 minutes before the doors opened. Perhaps that’s why guests wrote their programs and personalized menu cards as fans.

When the doors finally opened for guests to take their seats, the six-inch-high track proved a bit difficult for those like Kristina Whitcomb with a leg cast and a few AARP-ers with assigned seats across the way.

After Susan, Jennifer, Ryan and Dan greeted guests, Dan revealed that NM NorthPark would carry D&G’s new tableware line, called “Dolce & Gabbana CASA”, as well as its new jewelry line, exclusively through November. .

Mariebeth Conlon
Tiffany Divis
Monica Eastin
Libby Hegi
Kim Hext
Meredith Land
Karla McKinley
Anne McPherson
Amy Prestidge
Kim Quinn
Pat McEvoy
Jerry Jones Jr. and Gene and Jerry Jones

With Mary presenting the Ten Best Dressed and Pat, the parade went off perfectly, ending with Gene and the gentlemen Jones receiving the only standing ovations of the day.

Dolce & Gabbana Fashion
Dolce & Gabbana Fashion
Dolce & Gabbana Fashion
Dolce & Gabbana Fashion
Dolce & Gabbana Fashion
Dolce & Gabbana Fashion

Finally, it was time for the D&G presentation to kick off, proving that the design house produced a remarkable collection with patent leather dresses with puff and butterfly sleeves, new wave hoodies, lace-up tops and bodycon dresses and a similar checkerboard. fur coat in colors ranging from black on black to shiny and neon.

While there were plenty of cutouts highlighted by garter belts and bras, the only hint of elegant evening wear appeared at the end of the range – a long tulle and faux fur dress, and the dresses mesh with rhinestones.

Dolce & Gabbana Fashion
Dolce & Gabbana Fashion
Dolce & Gabbana Fashion
Dolce & Gabbana Fashion
Dolce & Gabbana Fashion
Dolce & Gabbana Fashion

The cellphone greetings that had taken place for the Ten BD-ers, Pat and Gene were at ease during the D&G part, with a few rare people rising to the occasion.

As the parade of models disappeared during both presentations, polite applause ensued. Critics became fodder during meals and the days that followed, with comments such as “So typical of D&G to be pissed off;” “It was the wrong show for the wrong band;” “Daring and darling” and “It was really shocking and horrible.”

In all honesty, however, fashion is an art form that is constantly evolving by pushing the boundaries. Just like the ladies who shopped NM when it opened in 1907 would never have shown an ankle, so perhaps the D&G fashion presentation that day was a clue to the future or just something to be taken speak in the days to come.

As the afternoon guests departed and the NM employees returned the showroom to a saleroom, the D&G team closed up shop and returned to Carbone for a final supper before returning to Italy to prepare oneself to Kim Kardashianit is “Ciao, Kim” at Milan Fashion Week. And the ladies of CCB continued their mission to raise $7,180,505 for 2022 grantees (The Agape Clinic, Baylor Oral Health Foundation, Behind Every Door, Educational First Steps, Family Compass, Hope Supply Co., Southwestern Medical Foundation au profit from UT Southwestern Medical and United to Learn).

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