Discussion topic at Hornell sells clothes, shoes for all

In April 2021, Shequan Bennett dreamed of opening a store in Hornell and in just five months it will become a reality. His new clothing store, Topic of Discussion, will open Saturday on Main Street in Hornell.

In the middle of the night, Bennett woke up his girlfriend and now business partner Tori Hurlburt and told her about his idea of ​​opening a clothing store.

The next day, Bennett quickly began the process of securing the location and everything that goes on opening a store.

Topic of Discussion will sell clothes and shoes designed for everyone, Bennett said.

“We are going to be the primary source of quality clothing for all stages of life, including men, women and children,” Bennett said.

The name comes from being in a small town like Hornell – when you live in a small town, there are always things that come up.

“We want the talking point to be a talking point for business people,” Bennett said.

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Bennett was looking for a location near Little Italy for the Hornell Pizzeria, but thought Main Street would be the better choice.

“From my experience, I know this location is the key to a great business,” he said.

The topic of discussion is scheduled to open at 112 Main Street, Hornell on September 18.

The street is a 15-minute drive from Alfred State University and Alfred College, as well as one of Hornell’s busiest streets.

Bennett hopes to attract college clients, especially those in New York City who are looking for trendy clothes.

Bennett said he already had brands like Nike and Jordan in his store for customers on day one.

“There are a lot of kids in New York City who go to this school and get their refund and save for when they get home to shop. I want to be a place where they can come and get what they want. are looking for. “

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Bennett also did his research to appeal to what he says is his store, all different stages of life, and all walks of life.

He asked the local firefighters and police where they like to shop and made arrangements to get this type of clothing

Bennett brings with him a wealth of experience as manager of Olympia and Finish Line and he believes this has prepared him to run his own store.

“When I was a manager at Olympia, I had to do a lot of inventory and a lot of orders and order rejections,” Bennett said.

The discussion topic will begin on Saturday during the Maple City Fall Festival in conjunction with Hornell Partners for Growth.

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