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A car loan despite Schufa is different from what consumers often assume, as some banks pay off even if they have a negative characteristic. In addition, lending through the auto bank may be subject to lower credit standards than when borrowing through a traditional bank.

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The car loan from the car dealer

The car loan despite Schufa from the car dealer

Vehicle dealers and their car banks are interested in selling vehicles. At the same time there is the possibility for car loans, the buyer the car and not punctual payment of the credit installments again to accept and to realize. These two reasons lead to car buyers can get a car loan despite Schufa in the dealership.

Customers have the opportunity to increase the likelihood of lending by offering a high down payment. This reduces the loan amount and thus the risk. In addition, traders and auto banks value the ability to make a high down payment as an indication of improved credit quality. The down payment is also the used in payment used cars.

Choosing a particular car model can also help you get a car loan despite Schufa. Since the sale of vehicle variants with poor sales figures must be promoted, lenders are granted credit even with critical credit ratings.

Another advantage of regular customers of the car dealer, which loans are rarely denied experience. In this case, the good experiences of the car seller and his autobank with the proper servicing of the last credit are more important than the negative Schufa entry.

The disadvantage is the car loan despite Schufa on the dealer, that no significant discounts on the vehicle price are possible. This admits the car salesman in most cases only if the customer finances the car externally and acts as a cash payer in the dealership. However, discontinued models are often already discounted and thus cheap.

Car loan despite Schufa about a domestic bank

Car loan despite Schufa about a domestic bank

Whether a bank pays for a car loan despite Schufa is clear from the terms and conditions for the lending. Most commercial banks, which do not always refuse loans for a soft negative entry in Schufa, expressly point out their homepages.

For existing customers of a bank there is always a realistic chance to obtain a car loan despite Schufa. In this case, the bank’s previous experience with the customer is taken into account. The best options exist for car buyers who have previously taken out a consumer credit or car loan from the same bank and have paid all installments on time.

The car loan from a bank independent of the car maker without Schufa has the advantage that the buyer in the dealership can negotiate the price and achieve a high discount, since he is considered a cash payer there.

Are  loans suitable for a car loan despite Schufa?Most Swiss banks offer a schufafreien credit only about 3500 euros or over 5000 euros. A Schufa request does not take place, but the amount is not enough for a car loan despite Schufa in most cases. For 3500 euros to 5000 euros only used cars are to get so that the loan of a Swiss bank is no way to raise funds.

However, there is a possibility to get higher loan amounts from Swiss banks than 3500 to 5000 euros. If customers apply for the car loan through a credit intermediary instead of directly to the Swiss bank, despite and without Schufa, they can also accept amounts higher than 5,000 euros.

The mediated personal loan for a car despite Schufa
Through consumer credit lending platforms it is possible to get a car loan despite Schufa. Depending on the placement platform, the claimant may block the Schufa data for the private lenders so that they will not be known.

It is on car loans from private individuals but better to deal with the existing Schufa entry open. Each platform member who is registered as a lender decides by himself on which criteria it draws loan requests. Car buyers have good chances of successfully making a request for a car loan despite Schufa, if they describe the need for the purchase of the new car comprehensible.

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