Canada’s thrift queen returns old Polly Pocket toys for $1,100 (VIDEO)

A thrift queen who made over a thousand dollars reselling toys in Canada shares her tips for thrift lovers.

Ashlee Abella saves money and creates social media content for TikTok and YouTube full time in Winnipeg. “I’ve always been a fan of yard and yard sales and have been going there since the 90s,” Abella told Daily Hive.

“My mom used to buy me toys and clothes, so shopping for second-hand stuff was always something I was used to.”

In 2008, she started to save her own money and go there every week. “Facebook was new and I saw people selling their used items online and that’s when I had the idea to shop at the thrift store and sell what I found online. .”

She is a big lover of handbags and has a lot of knowledge in this field, so this is where she started to switch. “Handbags have always been an easy sell for me because they’re one size fits most unlike clothes or shoes,” she said.

Recently, Abella turned a $112 investment in Polly Pocket toys into $1,100 by reselling them.


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“As a marketer, I watch a lot of YouTube videos and follow a lot of content creators on TikTok and Instagram,” she said.

“I knew vintage toys were valuable from the content I watched, whether it was 90s Pokemon cards or 80s He-Man figures. When I came across Polly Pockets, I knew what those from the 80s and 90s looked like and I did a quick Google search,” she said.

His other videos show everything from vintage finds and designer flips to calling the Salvation Army and Value Village for their awards.


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How to save better

“My advice for people who want to find treasures at the thrift store is to be patient,” Abella said.

“You probably won’t find anything on your first visit (or you might get lucky), but the more consistent you are, the more likely you are to find something.”

Abella says there are more thrift stores and resellers today than just a few years ago.

“The competition is fierce and fierce, but don’t let that put you off. Go with no expectations, and just for fun and the experience, you’ll be supporting charities and keeping recycled items out of our landfill,” she said.

“A lot of people have this idea that thrift stores are only for people in need and give dealers reviews for shipping there,” she said.

“It may have been five years ago, but saving has become a way of life for everyone. Most thrift stores have rebranded and now cater to all walks of life and budgets, whether you are middle class, low income or someone in need, and there will always be enough place for everyone there,” she said.

Are you inspired to hunt for treasure and turn toys into money? You can follow Abella on TikTok @misfili for more tips.

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