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Today’s fashion statements have transformed the scenario. Handbags are often worn as a form of self-expression in addition to their utilitarian use. However, modern women would never go out without a stylish handbag to carry their daily necessities. Moreover, you aim to find the perfect handbag for yourself that perfectly complements your attire. Handbags from various brands have different looks and quality levels. If you want the best bag, choose a respected manufacturer. However, it’s unimaginable for most of us to leave home without at least one of these women’s wardrobe essentials.

On the other hand, it is up to you to decide what you put in your handbag. A nice bag is essential whether you’re commuting to work, going out to lunch or shopping at the supermarket. And you have a wide range of high-quality, eye-catching options to choose from, from luxury labels to inexpensive department store handbags. We’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful handbags currently on the market so you can buy one and cherish it forever. Considering all the points mentioned above, here is a list of the best handbags for women under 2000.


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To start off with this list of the best handbags for women, here is the Van Heusen handbag for women. This beautiful handbag in red color is one of the most beautiful and stylish women’s handbags under Rs. 2000. This Van Heusen women’s handbag is very useful for carrying women’s daily essentials . In addition, the two straps of this bag make it easy to carry all your things in different ways. In addition, its outer flap is made of metal with a hidden pocket on the back, which makes it even more compatible and versatile to use.

Next on the list of best handbags for women under 2000 is this Exotic Floral handbag for women. Moreover, stepping out with this unique floral handbag from your closet will surely make you feel more confident. This practical handbag has a single main compartment with a drawstring closure, making it ideal for storing a cell phone, wallet and other small items. This sleek and stylish handbag is made of high quality PU leather and will last for years. It also has a long handle that you can modify to make it easier to carry. This Exotic Floral handbag for women features a top zip closure, two side zip compartments and a sophisticated tassel, making it very fashionable and useful.

Next up is this Boho Girl Summer Floral Print Ladies Handbag made in India. However, its huge interior space and zippered wall pocket will help you keep your items neatly organized and close at hand. You can carry it over the shoulder or carry it with one hand thanks to its two carrying straps which make it very comfortable. Also, due to the thick cotton rope that has been sewn inside and wrapped in self-jacquard cotton fabric, it can be worn for long periods of time without any discomfort. Moreover, this Boho Girl Floral Print Summer Handbag is effective for everyday use as it is made of good quality cotton fabric. Moreover, this bag is a perfect accessory and a wonderful gift alternative. However, whether you’re heading to the office, out of town for the weekend, or attending business meetings and conferences, this bag is perfect for any occasion.

Talking about the next product on this list of best handbags under 2k is this Women Marks blue handbag which is super attractive and compatible. This Women Marks handbag could transform your overall attire. Women Marks offers a diverse selection of handbags in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. However, it will complement any outfit you wear on any given occasion. Moreover, wearing it with high heels or sandals will surely make you look the most stylish among your friends.

Moving up the list, here is the Bellisa Plaid Printed Artificial Handbag for Women. It is a handbag with a top handle, removable and adjustable shoulder strap, and the ability to carry it over the shoulder or across the body. In addition, this Bellisa handbag can be worn in four different ways: as a handbag, hobo, satchel or shoulder bag, which makes it very versatile. In addition, this bag is composed of a polyurethane shoulder strap with adjustable flaps. This Bellissa handbag is ideal for school, work, meetings, social gatherings, dates and shopping. So, buy this handbag from Bellisa at discounted prices on various e-commerce platforms.

Let’s talk about this Lavie Malnov women’s handbag. This malnov women’s Lavie handbag is a stylish option for women. In addition, it is very durable and has a lot of interior space which makes this handbag perfectly suitable for you. Additionally, the front of this large handbag features chevron, woven, and crocodile patterns in vegan leather. However, it measures 45 cm in length by 14 cm in width and 30 cm in height. The malnov handbag has a zipper on the top for added security and convenience. There are two patch pockets and a zippered pocket for your phone, portable charger, keys, hairbrush, wallet, sunglasses, hand sanitizer and an extra set of clothes. Moreover, carrying this bag will surely take your attire to a whole new level.

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Are you looking to buy designer bags at a much more economical rate? Consider this stylish Vismiintrend shoulder bag, which might be a perfect find for you. This women’s side bag is made of premium vegan leather that is scratch, fade, and water resistant. Moreover, it also has a premium polyester lining on the outside. This women’s handbag can be worn over the shoulder, on the shoulder or by hand. It also has an adjustable strap. The dimensions are 26 x 24 x 14 cm (L x W x H) and the weight of this elegant Vismiintrend bag is approximately 450 g. However, it can be a fantastic gift for your wife, sister, daughter, girlfriend, colleague, lover, friend or mother for Diwali and Christmas.

Speaking of these Inovera faux leather women handbags, this one might be one of your best picks. Moreover, this bag is made of high quality leatherette and has been tested enough to ensure its durability. It has a reinforced shoulder strap, updated zippers and an improved polyester inside, making it a complete package to keep your everyday things organized inside. Moreover, this handbag for women comes as a combo including a handbag and a shoulder strap. However, this classic Inovera bag is a charming and functional accessory for any occasion, featuring a top zip closure, two side zip pockets and a beautiful tassel.

Best Handbags for Women Under 2000 – FAQs

  1. What should a woman carry in her handbag?
    Some of the things that women carry in their handbags are: cash, phone and charging cord, power bank, headphones, hand sanitizer, etc.
  2. What is the correct term for a small handbag?
    The proper term for small handbags is Mini handbags. They are miniature versions of larger handbags. They can be palm-sized or slightly larger. Some brands use the terms “micro bags” and “mini bags” interchangeably, but micro bags are generally much smaller. A mini bag, unlike a clutch, has a handle and/or a shoulder strap.
  3. What exactly is a women’s handbag?
    Women’s handbags are considered a fashion statement that can make or break an outfit. Women can easily carry their essential belongings using these fashionable bags. Medicines, wallets, cosmetics, phones and other valuables can be conveniently stored.

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