behind the scenes of October’s ‘Luxury’ fashion shoot

Paper Doll is the theme for the fashion shoot in the October issue of The Nationalit is Luxury extra charge. Having had a personal fascination with cut-out dolls – the kind with tabs that let you change your outfit – since childhood, it was only a matter of time before it became a concept.

Our October issue focuses on the idea of ​​collecting and highlights some of the UAE’s top specialists, in areas ranging from art, design and cars to clothing, sneakers and vinyl records. . It sparked the thoughts of all the paper dolls gathered in childhood bedrooms and how this first experimentation was, for many, the first foray into the playful world of fashion.

We’ve expanded the idea to include cardboard cutouts of balloons and old rotary phones, as well as a puppet with strings, and also added drawn outlines to some images for an extra practical feel. It all came together in a photographic studio in Al Quoz, Dubai.

Using a mix of real-life props and post-production magic, the talented team of Italian photographer Nicoleta Buru, Polish hair and makeup artist Ania Poniatowska, and our Brazilian model, Vanusa, began to experiment. Vanusa in particular had her work cut out for her, interacting with things that weren’t there, keeping her composure while jumping up and down and pretending to talk on a dummy phone.

It’s remarkable how much discussion revolves around shooting an actual paper doll – for example, trying to figure out how the puppet strings might be attached to the arms and legs.

Excerpt from the October shoot.  Vanusa wears Prada while walking a cardboard poodle.  All that's missing is the pulled leash.  Photo Nicoleta Buru

We’ve gone from playful prints by Stella McCartney and Etro for our puppet cover star, to hide-and-seek under a Dior Bar tweed jacket, to feminine cutouts by Fendi and Carolina Herrera, or explosions of colors of Alexander McQueen and Valentino. The neon halos around our Hermès and Louis Vuitton looks remind us that you’re never too old to dress up.

Scroll through the gallery above for more photos from the set of Paper Doll for ‘Luxury’ magazine.

Updated: October 13, 2022, 2:06 p.m.

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