While not lacking in guarantees such as the figure of a guarantor who is jointly and severally liable for his loan, the possibility of having access to credit without a pay slip seems a mirage; and instead, at present, it is possible to obtain it anyway, it is enough to know how to choose the right product that suits your case.

Payday advance direct lenders only: Watch out here comes money

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Provided personal data and relative to the desired sum you can quickly get the necessary liquidity. In this case, it is useful to use online comparators that compare the most convenient loans in real time and clearly propose them on specialized portals.

Loans without paycheck


Whether they belong to the category of unemployed, housewives, bad payers or students, the amounts paid are generally rather low, not exceeding 5,000 euros, but are approved and provided in the form of a personal loan.

Loan changed


The loan is based on the repayment of the sum through the issue and payment of bills of exchange, executive securities which in the event of insolvency authorize the attachment of the holder’s real estate for an amount equal to the unpaid installments. However the forced execution of the attachment is not so simple in Italy, therefore this type of financing is rarely granted.

Honor loan for young entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs can have access to credit without a pay slip if they are under the age of 36, obtaining an honor loan for the purchase of the plants and machinery for the company they intend to set up, which is in the goods sector. agricultural, craft and industry, which is half-forgotten and half-subsidized and is financed by Sviluppo Italia.

Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation

If you already have a loan or more by engaging your paycheck, in an attempt to get another one it is as if you had no demonstrable income, so a solution in this case is the so-called ” debt consolidation “, which consists of the union of all debts in a single installment at a single credit institution that grants the loan with the addition of the possibility of requesting additional liquidity, personalizing at the same time duration of the amortization and amount of the monthly installment.

Loans for housewives

Do not forget the potential of access to credit without a pay slip of housewives who can claim the possession of a real estate to be mortgaged or, if divorced, a maintenance check received regularly and therefore comparable to a monthly income. They can obtain a maximum sum of 2000 euros for the purchase of appliances, furnishings and other items, to be repaid in a couple of years.