10 Worst Dressed Anime Characters With Horrible Fashion Sense

Fans can tell a lot about an anime character from the way they dress. Fashion allows everyone to express themselves however they want, and anime characters often convey their personality to the audience through their attire. Most anime characters are pretty edgy and their iconic looks set them apart in the best way. However, not all characters are well dressed.

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Some anime characters even have the worst fashion sense imaginable. Whether they’re trying to be as unique as possible or just don’t care about looks, many characters have committed heinous fashion crimes over the years and become infamous for their disastrous outfits.

ten Haruhi doesn’t care much about fashion

Ouran High School Host Club

With all of her iconic looks throughout the series, it’s almost wrong to call Haruhi Fujioka badly dressed. However, fans should not forget his introduction in the first episode of Ouran High School Host Club. She appears in front of the boys looking completely disheveled, to the point that they initially mistake her for a boy herself.

Haruhi has neither the time nor the patience for fashion, focusing entirely on her studies. As a result, she leaves the choice of outfits up to the hosts and her dad, which is really the only reason she looks so cute most of the time. If it were up to her, she’d probably still be wearing that awful sweater all along.

9 Karamatsu is the flashiest of the Matsunos


None of the Matsuno brothers in Osomatsu-san are exactly fashion icons, but some of them have at least a bit of style. Karamatsu, on the other hand, is probably the sextuplets’ worst offender. Her sense of style is nothing short of garish, filled with flashy fabrics, sequins and ridiculous sunglasses.

Karamatsu wants to stand out above all else, and he does just that, for better or for worse. Her clothing choices are so bad that even her brothers challenge her. At the very least, it makes him easy to spot among his brothers and gives him some individuality.

8 Joe Kido has the classic nerd look down


Many characters in the Digimon The franchise needs a little styling help, but few even come close to Joe’s level of fashion disaster. With his thick-rimmed glasses, chunky shorts, knee-high socks, and sweater vest, he has that stereotypical nerd aesthetic that everyone always sees on shows and movies.

While it’s true that Joe is the nerdy guy in the bunch, he doesn’t have to own him so much. Luckily, he seems to become that look as he gets older, and once he’s grown up, it really suits him.

seven L is one of the sloppiest detectives of all time

Death threat

There’s no denying fans love it Death threatit is mysterious and eccentric detective, L. While he may be a fan favorite, he doesn’t exactly look the part. With his slumped posture and messy clothes, it’s almost impossible to take him seriously at first.

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L looks like anything but a world famous detective. However, this negligence tends to grow in viewers, becoming another adorably odd part of her character. L can be messy and weird, but that’s part of its appeal. Nevertheless, he certainly won’t win any beauty contests with this look.

6 Each character rocks crazy sticky style

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Most anime series have this character who dresses in completely wild clothes, but Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure goes to the next level. Almost every character has a crazy fashion sense, sporting some of the most stunning styles in all of anime.

While many looks in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are nothing short of tacky or fancy, most crew members can pull them off somehow. Nevertheless, there are still a few outfits that go overboard and look ridiculous even for a JoJo’s character.

5 Tsukimi’s true beauty is hidden under her bad fashion

Princess Medusa

Pretty much the entire main cast of Princess Medusa is lacking in the styling department, but the biggest culprit is the series’ protagonist, Tsukimi Kurashita. Tsukimi is clumsy and afraid to come out of her shell. As a result, she hides her natural beauty under ugly tracksuits and baggy outfits.

Luckily, Tsukimi’s style gets a major upgrade after meeting Kuranosuke Koibuchi. With his help and her natural talent for fashion design, she slowly begins to open up and allow herself to be the pretty princess that she truly is.

4 Hifumi Yamada is one of Hope’s Peak’s worst-dressed students.


There are a lot of ridiculously dressed characters in the Danganronpa franchise, but Hifumi Yamada definitely takes the cake. Her appearance alone is quite odd, so her outfit really doesn’t do her any favors. He’s another classic dork-looking character, with his tucked-in button-down shirt, comically wide tie, and unnecessarily tight pants.

To top it off, Hifume also has one of the weirdest hairstyles among the original students, slicking it down to a perfect point on top of her head. Put it all together, and it makes for one of the silliest outfits in the series, making it nearly impossible to take Hifumi seriously even in the most crucial moments.

3 Rock Lee & Might Guy Sport Matching Green Jumpsuits


It’s no secret that some of the ninja outfits from naruto is a bit out there, but none are quite as bizarre as Rock Lee and Might Guy’s skin-tight green jumpsuits. Granted, it’s become an iconic look throughout the franchise, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of the series’ weirdest fashion choices.

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Even others naruto the characters emphasized the ridiculousness of their mode, often casting the duo in a more comedic role in comparison. However, that doesn’t bring them down, and they wear their costumes with pride no matter what. Despite the odd looks they receive from others, it’s commendable that they can be so authentically themselves and show their inner strength.

2 Mamoru has infamously bad outfits, even by 90s standards

Sailor Moon

The 90’s Sailor Moon the anime is full of the girls’ iconic looks, each perfectly capturing their individual sense of style. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Mamoru Chiba. Over the years, he has become famous among fans for his awe-inspiring sense of fashion.

Mamoru’s goofy looks are so bad that they even became a meme over time. Even the girls point out in the anime that Mamoru’s attire leaves something to be desired. The only time he’s the least bit fashionable is when he transforms into a Tuxedo Mask, which says a lot about his personal everyday style.

1 Tsunagu’s Hero Costume Is Ridiculously Absurd

my hero academia

my hero academia is filled with many colorful heroes, all decked out in the craziest costumes imaginable. However, few are as crazy as the hero costume of Tsunagu Hakamada, otherwise known as Best Jeanist. In battle, he wears head-to-toe denim jeans, with a high collar that covers most of his face.

Tsunagu’s outfit is one of the silliest costumes in the entire series and in no way gives him a hero vibe. However, given her quirkiness, this weird outfit makes a lot of sense and works well with her powers. It’s just a shame he doesn’t look more heroic.

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